PCM Oil and Gas

Introduction of the new PCM IPAC - Intelligent Pump Automation Controller

PCM now offers the PCM IPAC, a flexible, cost effective controller, specially designed to work with progressing cavity pumps and provide the best ergonomics to allow easy use of complex monitoring.

By all means, we are committed to simplifying the operations of our customers. Developed by PCP specialists, the new PCM IPAC has the most friendly user PCP oriented interface you can find on the market to control and improve equipment performance and production.

The PCM IPAC is available in two configurations including VSD with embedded or stand alone PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface). Whether you opt for the full PCM IPAC or choose the mini version of PCM IPAC with pilot VSD already installed on field, the main functions of our controller are to optimize the well production, monitor PCP operating data and communicate data to and from external systems.

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